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Plan Your Visit & What You Need To Know 

The Bucks Goat Centre Guidelines 

The Bucks Goat Centre is home to some very friendly animals that love to see visitors.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with our animals in a safe and secure manor.

Please read the following guidelines so you can plan you visit and have the best experience. 

Health & Safety

1. Prepare for the weather

2. Read our Farm Rules

3. Be aware animals may bite or butt

4. Children must be supervised at all times

5. Bring your own first aid kit

6. Wash hands after touching animals

7. Be aware of zoonotic diseases

8. Expectant mothers, be aware if we have expectant goats - April 2024: no expectant goats on site

9. No food or drink within the centre, picnic area can be found outside of the farm.

10.Clean footwear and buggies before leaving the centre

11. Ask a member of staff if you have any concerns

 Enjoy your visit 

farm rules .jpg

Zoonotic Disease

All animals naturally carry a range of micro-organisms, some of which can be transmitted to humans, in whom they may cause ill health, which in some cases may be severe.

E.Coli 0157 & Crprosporidium are the most common.

To keep yourself safe:

1. Wash hands in warm water with soap after animal contact

2. Supervise children, do not let them put fingers in mouth after touching animals, dummies should not be used if they have fallen on the floor until sterilised

Expectant Mothers

Do not go near expectant goats.

We do not have expectant goats at this time April 2024


The BGC has a mixture of pathways, hard standing and grass.

When weather is fine and grass is dry wheelchairs and buggies can access all areas.

When the weather is wet some parts of the farm cannot be accessed in wheelchairs and buggies, please call us for an update 01296 612893

Know Your Signs
Animal Contact Areas
areas where you can feed and touch our animals i.e. goats
Wash hands after contact

Non Contact Areas
areas where you cannot touch our animals 
Play and eating areas.

Look & See Areas 
areas where animal contact is not allowed but may be possible with staff assistant i.e. rabbits & ferrets
Wash hands after contact
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